Friday, November 18, 2011

my khitbah 05.11.11

for those who don't quite familiar with the word 'khitbah',
maybe you know it as 'lamaran' in indonesian.
engagement? maybe.
but my family don't wanna call it engagement.
because 'engagement' --with ring-- is very un-moslem culture *sorry, not racist, this is my family's opinion*
otherwise that night we replaced the ring with a bracelet
and only me who wear it, my bf of course doesn't.

the purpose of the khitbah it self, was to propose me by his parents.
and why was this occasion involved a lot of people, because
it's also the way to tell people that my dad's daughter, me,
had been proposed by someone, my bf,
so that someone else can't also propose me again.
that night, it indeed involved a lot of people,
beside my big family and his, there were also my friends and my neighbors.

in the beginning of the event,
i was seated at different room,
until i answered the proposal, i was allowed to came out.
well, i had the most awkward moment
when the microphone was given to me and i had to answer.
i tell you, it was indeed awkward. haha.

alhamdulillah the event went well.
usually, in this kind of event, they decide the date of wedding day.
but in my situation, we did it just for formality, haha
yeah you know that nowadays, the date is decided by when the venue of the wedding can be booked.

hopefully, everything will be going well until the big day..!! :)
insya allah..
with my besties, before i came out
*ni dia artisnya keluar haha*
his mom put a bracelet on my wrist

he and his parents
me and my parents ...and the flash from camera made my face looks so much oily :(

with my bros

* i did my make up by myself ;)


  1. diniii..
    huaaa.. iya bagus ko make up nya,, makanya kaget pas dikasi tau itu dandan sendiri,, hehehe..
    moga" lancar sampe hari-H yaa :D

    - ela
    NB : ngitung daisypath di bawah,, oh jadinya awal Mei??aku pikir awal april,, hmhh..

  2. lalameeww,, ahiy jd seneng, makasih yaa..
    iya betul kok la, sesuai sm si daisypath aja..
    sok atuh ela klo mau awal april manggaaa hehehe
    februari tuh la masih kosoongg.. hihihi

    oia, blog ela udah dini follow yaa.. :*

  3. sip sip din,,
    udah aku follow balik yaa :D




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