Friday, December 2, 2011

Tuhan, ini kah cobaannya?

the daisypath ticker at the bottom of my blog says it's 5 months 3 days away from my big day when i'm writing this..
but right now, in my very life, i feel this is the lowest and weakest point of my life.
so, is this it?
is this the obstacle, the temptation that everyone talk about when we're getting closer to the day?
not only about the relationship,
but the WHOLE things.
i feel like my whole world is ruined.

God.. i'm so weak..

i realize that everything that's been mine,
all of it is actually Yours.
and You may take it back anytime You want..

i'm sorry for not being grateful lately..
especially this whole year..
i realize that in this entire year
i'm totally a mess..
nothing's good have come out of me..

God.. please give me strength..
please please please take this anxiety away
from every thought that popped up from my head..
from every guts from my heart..
please give me power to accept Your Will whole-heartedly..
in every step that i take..
in every second of my life..

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