Tuesday, January 31, 2012

teko's wedding

one of my best friend, teko, married her (our, actually) college mate last saturday.
yaaayyy i'm really happy for you!
you're now someone's wife, tek. ;)
seeing teko as a bride that day, there's a sort of unexplained feeling that i felt.
it was like, i wanted to shed a tears because that moment was very touching for me.
yet, it was like, i felt some tickle in my tummy, remembering what teko and i have been discussed the days before her wedding.
and yet, it was like, omg my turn is 3 months ahead. long time for you? not for me.

i made this for them, as a gift.
of course i gave them the real thing, not the digital one. ;)

*ps: i had a trouble in collecting their photos,
because this couple is hardly taking a picture together.
hope they like it though :D

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